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Kensol Environmental Services


A leading provider of Industrial services and complete waste management solutions.

Waste Management Solutions

About Us

Kensol Environmental Services are a leading provider of Industrial services and complete waste management solutions.

We offer waste collection and disposal for both hazardous and non hazardous waste.

Our waste management and disposal methods aim to reduce your environmental impact ensuring you comply with waste regulations and achieve sustainability.

We have extensive experience across multiple industries including food/FMCG, pharmaceutical, chemical & process manufacturing as well as managing waste in the aerospace, automotive utilities and public sectors.

Our Services

ADR and Hazardous Waste Disposal

As a producer of hazardous waste it is your responsibility to comply with hazardous waste regulations. Kensol Environmental Services assist our customers with the identification and labelling of hazardous waste to produce your hazardous waste consignment note. You can rest assured that your waste is correctly labelled and in the correct packing group for the carriage of dangerous goods. Hazardous waste disposal is our expertise!

Waste Disposal Methods

We can collect and dispose of hazardous and non hazardous waste in a number of ways including; bulk liquid waste tankers with a capacity of up to 26,000 litres, palletised waste disposal, skips for the collection of general waste or the collection of filter cake and the delivery and collection of bins.

Waste Reduction and Sustainability

We are committed to sustainable waste management solutions and work in partnership with our customers to consolidate inefficient and costly processes in to a single and more comprehensive waste strategy.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is an essential part of good maintenance planning but where breakdowns and incidents occur, our contingency response is robust enough to ensure that you return to production with minimal downtime. Safe and efficient cleaning methods are always preferred but where higher risk, confined space entries cannot be avoided our operatives are all specifically trained in confined space entry and breathing apparatus (BA) as well as having an invaluable breadth of on the job experience.

Emergency Response and Remediation

Our Emergency response and remediation ensures that the environmental impact of an accident is minimal. We will work to ensure that environmental laws and regulations are obeyed, protecting waterways from contamination and preventing the destruction or further destruction of nature. We will decontaminate and clean affected areas using specialist cleaning equipment and fit for purpose PPE ensuring there is no further risk to health or the environment.

Quality Standards

Kensol Environmental Services was established with the ambitious goal that we want to be the best.
To show our dedication to this our waste management process and operational strategy is based on the industry recognised standard of BS EN ISO 9001 and we are working hard towards full accreditation.
Our Quality Management System covers the process from end to end and is subject to continuous improvement with corrective actions being implemented and reviews taking place where necessary.

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